The Pure Energy Facial Meditation


The Pure Energy Facial Meditation is a 30 minute guided meditation that is designed to get the client into a meditative state easily while the provider performs a specific facial massage to increase energy flow within the body. 

Stress, tension and worries will melt away. The provider will be able to feel where stress is present in the body and work to release it easily. Regular treatments will make your clients feel amazing. 

As stress is released, the body uses less cortisol and begins to the release the feel good hormones and neurotransmitters that lead to a more successful life:

  • Dopamine for focus, concentration and pleasure

  • Serotonin for feelings of happiness and wellbeing

  • Endorphins for a feeling a bliss

  • Oxytocin for feelings of love and connection

  • Growth Hormone for strength, tone and weight loss

  • GABA for being calm and relaxed

  • Melatonin for restful sleep and deep restorative healing

Your clients will love these treatments because they'll experience healthier skin, vibrant health, incredible energy and a more positive outlook on life!


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This is an example of the results of two sessions of the Pure Energy Facial Meditation. 


This lovely woman broke her femur 3 months before these pictures were taken. She was healing up nicely and then experienced a sudden set back in her progress. 


She started having intense pain and cramping at the site of injury and have to go from using her walker to back to a wheelchair. She was devastated, depressed and worried. 


Her daughter and husband reached out and set up a series of Pure Energy Facial Meditations for her and she felt better immediately. After her second session (days apart), she was back to using her walker full-time with no more pain! 


She is continuing sessions to help her along the healing process and getting back to her active self. You can see how much more relaxed she looks and feels. 

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