The Quantum Facelifting Course Level 1:

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March 21-25th, 2022

July 18th-22nd, 2022

September 19-23rd, 2022

Quantum Facelift Certification Course Level 1


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March 21st- 25th

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July 18th- 22nd, 2022

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September 19th- 23rd, 2022

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Learn a powerful combination of treatment and tools in The Quantum Facelift Business in a Box Course.

In this in-person course, you will learn in depth how to access all areas of the body through the face and neck to improve overall appearance, health and emotional wellbeing.

You will carry into your practice a powerful combination of protocols to make beautiful and long-lasting progress, so that your clients can "see how good they feel." Throughout the course you will receive personalized support, hands-on demonstrations, real-life case studies and the reference tools to power you forward. 


Plan and Pricing for the Quantum Facelift Certification Course

$1648 Level 1 Business in a Box Certification Course Includes:

  • Instruction on facelift technique, marketing and business building mindset 
  • Mindset techniques to help you get out of your own way. Your mindset is the single most important tool for success. 
  • 5 full days of small group, in person instruction
  • You will give and receive 5 treatments so that you feel confident in your techniques and also understand the full depth of these treatments. 
  • Formal certification as a Mind Body Beauty Institute practitioner
  • Glamping style accomodations with access to a kitchen to prepare your meals in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. 


How the Course Works:

  • Friendly, approachable and relatable instruction with real-life practical explanations
  • Rich in content and explanation to help you navigate the depth of these treatments
  • Abundant hands-on demonstrations and repetition/ re-inforcement of learnings to help you establish your own routine. 
  • Re-inforcement through real life experience with specific case studies which help you put your learnings into action and work each protocol into a treatment 
  • Numerous reference documents, downloads and videos to build your own reference resources, including reflexology points on the face, treatment diagrams and treatment protocols
  • Tips for how to talk to clients and patients, interpret symptoms and describe the treatments
  • All supported by Jackie Van Ruler's personal, prompt and friendly assistance throughout the course

 Is this the next step towards fulfilling your life's purpose?

Create Beautiful Results Like This for Your Clients

This beautiful woman was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was told that she would have to live with her pain the rest of her life. 

After just her second Quantum Facelift Treatment (this pictures shows before and after 4 treatments), her pain was almost gone and she felt like she didn't even have fibromyalgia anymore. 

Even better, she felt a new excitement for life and said that her usual sense of  worry had disappeared and that she felt a sense of wellbeing even when normally stressful things were happening in her life. 

Does this sound like you? 

I want to learn new techniques to improve the health, beauty and mindset of those around me, one beautiful face at a time.
As a part of the care and wellness community, I am looking for a way to enhance my skills, practice or career path. 
I enjoy integrating proven, world-class methods into my services to improve the appearance and wellbeing of my clients. 
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What Your Clients Will Say....


Jackie's 4 session Quantum Facelift Program not only improved things regarding my body (my scoliosis, my skin, pain in my joints) but it had an incredible impact on my mindset and overall well being! After four sessions, I have noticed incredible differences in my mood (and an overall lack of mood swings), I am consistently less anxious and fearful. I seriously cannot recommend the Quantum Facelift Facial enough. 
Before working with Jackie, I would feel nervous/ anxious at least once everyday or two, and this made things difficult me in several aspects of my life. However, after the first week of this series, I noticed that even when I would feel anxious, it would never last as long or have the same intensity as before. This has made things so much easier for me all around, including in my personal life and relationship! 


My skin is looking brighter, healthier, with less breakouts and rashes, clearer and wide open eyes again! And no blurry vision! My neck and shoulders are more aligned, my hip pain is more tolerable, and my fingernails and toenails are healthier. I have little to no hot flashes (and I used to have the all the time). My gut is healthier with no constipation. Another huge transformation has been my daily routine: I am no longer using products, creams or serums on my face or body, and I don't apply any make-up. Wow!
Jackie's program also worked on my mood and emotions! I am way less agitated, anxious and on edge. I have a clearer mind and vision and I'm able to make decisions without being unsure. I also want to mention that after each one of these 45 minutes sessions, I feel less hungry and more energetic. 


Level 1 Quantum Facelift Course is open to both licensed and unlicensed professionals.

This extraordinary beauty and wellness program is available to anyone ready to make a change for the better in their dedicated profession. 

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to get started and feel confident working on your new clients. It's truly a Business in a Box! 

You can integrate The Quantum Facelift into your practice as a powerful standalone treatment. Or you can pair it with other health modalities, including Reiki, yoga, energy work, sound healing, speech therapy, nursing, essential oils, meditation, or hypnotherapy.

With your Level 1 Quantum Facelift Certification, you will have the ability to promote and deliver reflexology treatments and proudly identify yourself as a Mind Body Beauty Practitioner. 

Further, you can sell the Quantum Facelift Tools and promote your services in the marketplace. 

Balance the Nervous System to Restore Health and Wellbeing

This handsome man is a Vietnam Veteran who was exposed to Agent Orange and all of the other pesticides. Additionally, he had a series of 3 strokes, high blood pressure, neuropathy, type 2 diabetes and pain in his right knee that was hindering his ability to walk. 

This is his before and after picture from 4 treatments over the course of 3 weeks. 

He notices reduced pain in his knee, improved circulation in his feet, improved sleep with the ability to sleep 5-8 hours a night (he was only able to sleep 2-3 before getting up to use the bathroom), a decrease in blood sugar levels without a change in medication, and an overall sense of wellbeing that allows him to continue working long hours in his business as the owner of a taxi and shuttle company. 

At the end of this certification, you will be a skilled, qualified and empowered provider of a remarkable form of client care. 

I am confident that you will enjoy applying the techniques of The  Quantum Facelift in your professional practice and personal care. You will have the protocols, skill set and tools to provide care-driven and intuitive wellness services to:

  • Utilize reflexology to slow down or even reverse the aging process
  • Create balance and beauty within the body and on the face through relieving stress
  • Soften the appearance of health conditions, disease and injury as they appear on the face
  • Reduce overall stress and increase feelings of health and wellbeing through a reduction in stress hormones and an increase in happy hormones and neurotransmitters. 
  • Improve how emotions affect health and show up on the face to help clients move toward wellbeing with greater ease and fulfillment
  • Improve overall health and enhance the body's innate wisdom to heal itself through nervous system regulation

You will learn how to build your business and your service offerings through instruction on how to:

  • Market your reflexology, lymphatic drainage and other wellness services
  • Sell your own tools, including the reflex detector and massage (gua sha) stones
  • Optimize your social media to attract clients to your services and products

In addition, you will be delighted (and maybe even surprised) to experience beneficial outcomes for your clients and yourself, including:

  • Overall improvement in feelings of well-being, enjoyment in simply feeling better
  • Recovery and recuperation from lingering problems and an overall sense of getting un-stuck
  • Seeing how good you can feel and helping your clients do the same