The Quantum Facelift Advanced Certification Course Levels 1 + 2

for Licensed Professionals 

Massage Therapists, Estheticians,
Acupuncturists, Physical Therapists,
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Join the worldwide movement to shape the way we care for our clients and patients in 2021 and beyond. 

As a wellness professional, you know how patterns deep inside the body can appear on the face. Channel your powerful knowledge and passions to create well-being within the body that radiates as beauty and improved appearance. 

We practice in a world of people that can benefit from a shift in how we care for our health, beauty and mindset. Be part of that change by utilizing your capable hands to deliver noticeable improvements to your clients' appearance, health conditions and overall wellness through intelligent and intuitive care. 

Jump into the positive flow of delivering noticeable improvements to clients' health, beauty and mindset through intelligent and intuitive care. 


Introducing: The Quantum Facelift Advanced Certification Course- Levels 1 + 2 for Licensed Professionals!

We heard you! We know you want to expand the range of wellness services that you offer to your clients and deliver excellent care during these evolving times in our professions. We are pleased to offer this life-changing and business-building program, directed toward only licensed professionals. The Advanced Levels 1 +  2 Certification is limited to licensed professionals because we will train intensively in the manipulation techniques of reflex therapy, fascial release, structural manipulation and lymphatic drainage. 


Expand and enhance your service offerings to position yourself to prosper. 

Does This Sound Like You? 

I infuse passion, meaning and education into my work as a wellness professional.
I want to go well beyond the "diagnosis" that clients bring from their doctors and show them how to care for themselves and their conditions.
I know that a deeper journey into the body reveals benefits to the beauty and appearance of the face and neck.  I enjoy reading the body's messages to activate relief, healing and repair. 
I want to learn to remove blockages and release patterns to allow the body and mind to rebalance and optimize the body's ability to heal itself. 
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At the end of this certification, you will be a skilled, qualified and empowered provider of a remarkable form of client care. 

I am confident that you will enjoy applying the techniques of The  Quantum Facelift in your professional practice and personal care. You will have the protocols, skill set and tools to provide care-driven and intuitive wellness services to:

  • Utilize reflexology to slow down or even reverse the aging process
  • Create balance and beauty within the body and on the face through relieving stress
  • Soften the appearance of health conditions, disease and injury as they appear on the face
  • Manage negative messages sent through the nervous system to the message board of the face 
  • Improve how emotions affect health and show up on the face to help clients move toward wellbeing with greater ease and fulfillment

You will learn how to build your business and your service offerings through instruction on how to:

  • Market your reflexology, lymphatic drainage and other wellness services
  • Sell your own tools, including the reflex detector and the gua sha tool
  • Create and distribute your own instructional videos
  • Optimize your social media to attract clients to your services and products

In addition, you will be delighted (and maybe even surprised) to experience beneficial outcomes for your clients and yourself, including:

  • Overall improvement in feeling of well-being, enjoyment in simply feeling better
  • Recovery and recuperation from lingering problems and an overall sense of getting un-stuck
  • Surprise side benefits in addition to resolution of the original issue

Learn a powerful combination of treatment and tools in The Quantum Facelift Level 1 + 2 Course.

In this self-paced course, you will learn in depth how to access all areas of the body through the face and neck to improve overall appearance and wellbeing. 

You will carry into your practice a powerful combination of protocols to make beautiful and long-lasting progress, so that your clients can "see how good they feel." Throughout the course you will receive personalized support, hands-on demonstrations, real-life case studies and the reference tools to power you forward. 


Plan and Pricing for the Quantum Facelift Certification Course Levels 1 + 2 

$1997 Level 1 + 2 Certification Course Includes:

  • Self-Paced Video Instruction on facelift technique, marketing and business building mindset
  • 4 in-depth personalized coaching sessions with Jackie Van Ruler, the founder of the Mind Body Beauty Institute, to optimize your techniques for the very best results
  • 5 live face to face Q & A sessions with Jackie Van Ruler and other students to empower your progress and increase your learning through the course.
  • Formal certification as a Mind Body Beauty Institute practitioner


How the Course Works:

  • Friendly, approachable and relatable instruction with real-life practical explanations
  • Rich in content and explanation to help you navigate the depth of these treatments
  • Abundant hands-on demonstrations and repetition/ re-inforcement of learnings to help you establish your own routine. 
  • Re-inforcement through real life experience with specific case studies which help you put your learnings into action and work each protocol into a treatment 
  • Numerous reference documents, downloads and videos to build your own reference resources, including reflexology points on the face, treatment diagrams and treatment protocols
  • Tips for how to talk to clients and patients, interpret symptoms and describe the treatments
  • All supported by Jackie Van Ruler's personal, prompt and friendly assistance throughout the course